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 What's your favorite piece of jewelry to wear and why?

What a tough question! My favorite piece of jewelry to wear is probably my late father’s gold signet ‘R’ ring. I only bring it out for very special occasions but whenever I do it always makes me feel closer to him. And it’s beautiful.

How do you explain your style in 3-5 words?
soulful. eclectic. thoughtful. familiar. foreign.

 What's home (New Orleans) to you ?
Home is potholes and jazz, dirty martinis and humidity, vibrancy and chaos, black and white, tenacity and resilience, uncertainty and sameness, unhurried and unbothered. It’s a beautiful mess, and it’s my beautiful mess.

Do you have any pieces of heirloom jewelry?

I am very lucky to have a maternal grandmother that loved jewelry as much as I do. I have an amazing collection of her pieces that my mom and I share as well as some pieces from both my mom and dad. I love the idea of something so meaningful being carried on for generations. I think of it as a way to carry on a legacy physically, and what an honor it is.

Which piece of jewelry will you want to leave as an heirloom?

I'll plan to pass on one of my favorite pieces, my snake ring that my friend Sarah from saint Claude gave me. it's always been a conversation starter and always makes me feel strong and empowered when I wear it.

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