New In!

We love the Mi Amor hoops not just because we designed them but because our customers love them - (I love you because you first love me type energy)

The design is minimal and elegant + lightweight, featuring a hinged closure.

I know you may be thinking the earrings are a trend, but we think it's more of a modern heirloom! Good trends make good products! That's with an emphasis on good. :)

They are gold filled because gold filled is long lasting and is a little lighter than brass - (we could easily create in solid gold, just let us know!! wink -wink,)

Alos, stay tuned as we are designing a slightly smaller pair but adding beaucoup (new orleans slang) texture with an unusual shape! In the meantime, and in between time. We suggest you add these to your collection.

Thank us later!


iris 1956 mi amor oval gold-filled hoopsIris 1956 jewelry journal new in earrings

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